Animal Fat In Make-up?

  • by Sam Babeldeen
  • 20 Aug, 2017

Animal Fat!!! Yes! You Read It Right!.....

Did You Know Your Make-up Is Likely to Contain Animal Fat If Its Not Vegan (Fat from Pigs, Cows, Sheep etc.)? Makeup is not a new thing these days but its market is growing bigger with every passing day. A new makeup product is launched every now and then and there are numerous brands which have acquired a big name globally. You get to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram etc where famous brands of makeup are advertised. However, you might change the way you think about makeup if you get to know about the different additives that make up everything that you put on your face. Animal fat is one of the most common ingredients in all kinds of makeup products. However, it might not seem true to you so we have outlined a few number of makeup products that contain animal fat. Are you shocked? If yes, then here is a list of cosmetic ingredients that are made of animal products:

·        Tallow:

Just open up your makeup bags and look what products you can see. You will have lipsticks, foundations, bases and eye makeup. All of these comprise of one common ingredient known as tallow that gives them the required luster. Tallow is the other name for animal fat. You probably wouldn’t have heard of that before.

·        Gelatin:

Next time whenever you plan to go for creamy cosmetics and nail treatments, you need to remind yourself of a product quite similar to tallow in form. This cosmetic is known as gelatin and is composed of bones, skin and tendons of animals (pigs included). The concept of halal gelatin is also quite popular after Muslim females voiced their grievances over using makeup that was forbidden in their religion.

·        Lanolin

What will happen if you don’t bathe for days? You will most probably develop a greasy buildup on your skin as well as your scalp. Doesn’t it sound gross? How gross would it sound if you were to apply the same grease on your skin? Lanolin is basically the grease buildup in wool-bearing mammals which is used in lipsticks etc. thus, before making your lips ruby red be careful about the ingredients you are embellishing them with.

·        Ambergris

Ever wondered what makes scents set in perfume bottles? That must sound like a tricky question but it has a very simple answer. It is an ingredient known as ambergris. Now the question that arises is that what exactly ambergris is. However, the answer to this one might make you want to never apply perfumes again as it is the oily substance derived from the stomach of whales.

All these facts might want to make you puke but who can live without makeup. The best way to combat all such ideas is to choose your makeup wisely by choosing makeup that is pure from all such kinds of things. Thus, the aim is not to discourage you to use makeup but to help you decide wisely on what to buy by educating you about things you never knew.

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