Bad Make-up Day!!!

  • by Sam Babeldeen
  • 27 Aug, 2017

Feeling Ruined!

bad make-up day

Make-up is secretly your best friend helping you get the look you want. Always there for you when you need it to lift you up and give you that “YEAH, I’M DOING ME!” look, the POUT selfie moments with your luscious Lipstick, whilst rocking YOUR eyeliner, and Feeling confident! However, sometimes things just don’t go quite to plan! There’s sometimes that bit that just doesn’t look quite right! What do you do? Do you abandon ship and forget about going out altogether or do you risk the GOON look! In the hope that no one will notice, off course you know deep down that everyone will pay FULL attention since you’ve spotted the errors yourself! It’s basically your worst nightmare, your ‘BAD MAKE-UP DAY’ has arrived! Have you ever had one?

If not yet then be warned, it’s coming! It’s dreadful, it makes you want to swear that you’ll never touch that makeup kit again. Here are few things that make any day turn into a bad make-up day and the thought of which makes you cringe:

·        Guests

These can only be described like the in-laws, you really don’t want to see them but they ALWAYS turn up at the worst time ever! In this case your Bad Make-Up Day guests is facial hair on your chin or above your lips, peeping out of your perfect foundation, in broad daylight, Ouch! The day is ruined. If only you took a closer look in the mirror before you left home so now that brunch/lunch or shopping plan you were so excited about wouldn’t go to waste!


·        Surprise SPOT

Okay so we all have had one or two here and there, I’m talking about those spots that you try your best to ignore in the hope that they would self-destruct and leave you the hell alone! The ones that you REALLY don’t want to touch so they don’t get too excited and camp on your face for another week! Yes those one! When you’re going to that reunion with friends whom you’ve not seen in a while or your “perfect” job interview or even a sit-down meal with a close friend! And yes you’ve guessed it, the spot that you purposely ignored the night before in the hope that it would vanish has actually got bigger and badder! You left it as a small “thing” before bed and now it’s a full-on Gangsta! How do you deal with it? Do you pop it and watch it “bleed” for hours (puke!) or ignore it knowing that everyone you meet will NOT ignore it!


·        That Time of the Month

You can’t put up with the torture of contouring and equalizing your eyeliner for hours because “Aunt Irma is visiting”. Everything seems to be getting worse by the minute, you don’t know whether to cry or completely go all out throwing a tantrum! Which ever you choose, the “look” is just not happening! You’re a little pale, so you try a different shade to bring your skin back to life, getting the rosy cheeks on to match your usual you. That is until your best friend/partner tells you “I think you’ve over done the make-up you know!” first comes denial, then comes accepting your fate that you’ve ruined your face only to have the “Bad Make-Up Day” look!


·        Tears ruin the day

Ever had an emotional moment where you couldn’t help but tear up for whatever reason it is, and your tear decides to cause havoc! That ONE tear the you’ve allowed to leave your eyes is not going down alone! It decides to drag down everything on It’s path with it! Starting with your  best and most expensive eyeliner and it continues to go down your cheek leaving behind a trail of evolution! Yes, part of your face is now beginning to evolve and looks like something out of a horror movie! Do you wipe your tear and smear the eyeliner and everything else that goes with it or do you dab at it and leave stamps of little dancing shoe-like prints on your face? Even worse is when you cannot stop crying/tearing over something, that just guarantees you a “Bad Make-Up Day”! unless you happen to have the patience to restart all over again!

You have any stories of your own? What would be your worst nightmare?

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